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Pet-friendly Facility

Did you know that Sunterra Springs is pet-friendly?
Vaccinated pets are welcome visitors!

We always want our residents to feel at home and comfortable during their stay.  We all know that pets are a very important part of our household, and not seeing them for periods of  time can be difficult.  People feel better around the animals they love. These benefits have even been proven through research.  Because of this, residents are encouraged to have their pets visit during their stay here at Sunterra.

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits pets provide:  

Pets help improve and maintain mental health.
They can help increase self esteem, reduce stress and bring joy.  Petting an animal not only helps them calm down, it can also help calm you!  This is due to a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in happy hormones which occurs when you're around a pet you love.  No wonder pets put us in such a great mood!

Pets help improve and maintain physical health.
Many pets, such as dogs, encourage activity and  a healthier lifestyle.  Studies have shown that regularly walking and playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels.  This is amazing for your overall health!  

Have a pet that you'd like to bring in for a visit?  Talk to our staff about what requirements we have for your furry (or feathered) companion.