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Celebrate the Holidays at Sunterra

We at Sunterra do our very best to keep up the holiday spirit, but we know it just isn't the same as a holiday at home surrounded by family.  

While the holidays are time of belonging and joy, they can also leave some feeling lonely.  Loneliness is a common occurrence with seniors, especially widows and widowers.  Family members play a huge role in our lives.  Taking time to visit your loved ones makes them feel engaged and like they're part of something.

Statistics have proven loneliness can impact mental and physical health.  According to a study from the University of California, seniors who reported feeling lonely had a 59% higher risk of physical and mental decline.

When visiting your family members there is a lot of things you can do to help them feel loved and get into the holiday spirit.  Hopefully these ideas will ease the stress of the holiday season and remind those staying at Sunterra that they're in your heart and mind.

  • Have a family meal in our dining area
    • Enjoying a big family meal is often the highlight of everyone's holiday.  Just because your family member is staying at Sunterra doesn't mean they have to miss out on this family tradition.  We have a beautiful dining area available.  Bring your own food or enjoy a meal from the delicious Sunterra kitchen.
  • Watch a holiday movie
    • What gets you into the holiday spirit more than your favorite movie?  This time of year, the channels are full of holiday favorites.  While visiting your family member, catch a holiday flick and get into the spirit!
  • Bring in festive decor
    • Family photos and Christmas cards displayed in their room can help make your family member feel extra loved this holiday season!