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5 Star Feedback

When we have families consider our facilities for their loved ones, a common question we get asked is, “What do the five stars mean?”

According to, stars are earned based on the facility/nursing home’s performance within three areas related to patient’s overall care- health inspections, staffing, and quality of resident care measures. Sunterra Springs is proud to say our facilities are 5 stars!

Another way our facilities receive feedback, is from comments made by those we serve. Here are a few quotes from current and past patients and their caregivers:

The care has been great! The food was great, it was a clean facility, and they do the little extra things.”

“They cater to the person. It feels good, like going on a cruise. They do towels. It is a classy place.” 

“The most important thing to me is that they see him as an individual and treat him like they would want to be treated. I think they do a good job at that.”

“For one thing, it is in good condition, it s in a nice location, it is smaller, and I really liked it there. I thought it was wonderful.”

“They were very professional. It was very clean facility. The private rooms were great. The therapy was great. I was able to get my COVID shots there, which was a big deal for me. Getting that taken care of was very good. The staff was wonderful. Even the night shift was on top of things. The physical therapists knew what I could and couldn't handle. The food was delicious. It was always the right enough portions; it wasn't overdoing it. There were good menu choices. You could ask for a sandwich and soup, and they didn't bring whatever everyone else was eating. The coffee was awesome.”

“They have wonderful people, everyone from the housekeeper, nurses, and administrator.”

As nice as it is to read positive comments from our patients, we also appreciate the more constructive comments as well. With those, we are able to see areas of improvement within our buildings and how we can better and more effectively care for those that choose to rehabilitate with us. We are here to serve you.