In 2018, Riverview Rehabilitation was one of only two facilities in Idaho that received a Pinnacle Customer Experience Award for exceptional nursing care, cleanliness, laundry service, and safety and security.

Pinnacle Award 2018


“I arrived at Riverview after a double knee replacement nervous and in pain. I am leaving happy, almost pain-free and full of new knowledge to aid in my further recovery.

The facility, itself, is like a fine get-away location. The rooms are spacious, the beds are comfortable, and the therapy room looks like a mountain cabin. It has a perfect floor plan allowing for a quiet stay. Riverview has a great location next to the river. I see all sorts of wildlife out of my windows—including deer!

The meals and snacks they serve are all delicious. You can either eat in the nice dining room or in your own room if you prefer. Plus, you can select from two healthy meal choices.

Riverview provides many activities for their patients to enjoy. Their library is awesome! A very affordable beauty salon is also available.

The large staff of both physical and occupational therapists are extremely talented and motivating.

Their administration adeptly handled all my questions and concerns.

All of Riverview's staff, including nurses, aides, dining and housekeeping are friendly and helpful. They all work together to make for a positive patient experience.

I was comfortable trusting Riverview in my time of need. If the need ever arises, I will choose them again.”

Shirley Franken | November 2016

 “On October 27, 2016, I was involved in a serious auto crash that crushed my right ankle. I was admitted to St. Al's [hospital] where they performed two corrective surgeries during my nine-day stay. Upon my release, I was admitted to Riverview Rehab Center. Upon my arrival, I was in a state of confusion and pain with no clear pathway to recovery. The next day, I met my recovery team, which included a professional medical staff, therapy staff, and a host of kindhearted caregivers. After being a patient for 15 days, I have come to realize that the role of the hospital was to fix my immediate injuries. Riverview, however, provided me the strength and the hope of a full recovery. I want to thank everyone at Riverview who took the time to listen and encourage me during this difficult transition. God bless you all for your support!”

Chyril McIntyre

 “Multiple physical conditions have led me to seek professional help at Riverview Rehab including neurological, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular. The care I have received included all of me—personal, social, and physical in an integrated professional way. Indeed, in a short time, I have emerged healthier and look forward to Life's new experiences. I have been particularly impressed with physical therapy, which has made me stronger and more functional. I have acquired the skills to work independently and continue to improve in meaningful ways. What a gift! I am really thankful to my children who have introduced me to this application of their medical professions.”

Thomas Hamilton | November 2016 

(Mr. Hamilton's son and daughter are occupational and physical therapists, respectively, and they referred him to Riverview Rehabilitation.)